5 Best Wedding Website Makers | April 2017


A wedding website is no longer the stuff of superfluity; rather the wedding website is the single best way to keep guests informed of everything from the wedding day's schedule and locations, to offer lodging and travel information, and to allow for remarkably simple to access to a couple's gift registry. And after the big day, the wedding website is the ideal place to share pictures and stories from the ceremony, the reception, and from the honeymoon, too.


Let The Pictures Do The Talking

While the website design and building platform Weebly was designed with e-commerce and online sales in mind, the service is actually a great choice for creating your very own customized wedding website for one reason in particular: images. Weebly makes it pleasantly simple to add photos to your website, including in slideshow and gallery format, and it is these features that entice many couples to use Weebly. Wedding websites are, after all, only partially vehicles for information about the actual wedding day and gift registry; they are also a chance for the bride and groom to be to show off pictures that showcase their happy and storied shared life.


A Comprehensive Customized Cut And Paste Approach

Even if you have never built a website before in your life, fear not: wedsite.com makes it easy to make a wedding website. If you want to make any other sort of website, then you'll have to look elsewhere, though: this is a purpose-built option that is truly and wholly dedicated to wedding sites. Wedsite offers things such as an RSVP collection feature, a virtual guestbook, and unlimited photo uploads. The platform is almost useless if you want to build an online store or if you want to promote your band's next gig, but it's almost perfect for the non tech savvy couple that wants to make their own wedding website nonetheless. The service offers easy-to-use pre-made templates and a step-by-step building and design process.


Your Wedding Website Hosted And Secured

iPage is a web building and hosting platform that caters to users with a wide variety of needs. While the service wasn't designed with wedding websites as its primary function, the brand offers so many features and opportunities for customization that its platform is more than capable of helping you build a wedding site. Just know that the technologically disinclined user may be a bit overwhelmed by the type and volume of features at their disposal: most wedding websites don't need scalable bandwidth, for example, nor do they require customized error pages. That said, for the couple that wants a wedding website rich in features and protected by ironclad security against a hack attack, this service is a fine choice.


Your Wedding Website Ready In An Hour

When it comes to building a customized website, Strikingly.com is a middle-of-the-road option in terms of features and customization. While some seasoned website building experts might find it too pared down and simple, the less-experienced among us will find it an approachable and user-friendly site. And while Strikingly can certainly be used for building an online retail store or a personal branding site, it's also great for the couple looking to create a topnotch wedding website. The platform allows for easy addition of video and image content, and allows for the addition of a blog that can help you build the excitement leading up to and then following your wedding day. Strikingly also makes it easy to integrate social media feeds and links.


Your Wedding Site Goes Mobile

Wix.com has grown into one of the heavy hitters of the Do-It-Yourself website building platforms out there, so it's little surprise that their dedicated wedding website builder platform is intuitive and effective. As one of the pioneers of "drag and drop" website building, Wix has stuck with their simple approach when it comes to wedding site design. You can choose the layout of your site from hundreds of varied templates, so it's all but assured you and your fiancee will find a look you both love. Then it's all about clicking and dragging images, filling in text boxes, and then choosing which other features you want to turn on, such as "shoutout" email blasts and contact management services.


Making A Wedding Website: In-Depth

Making Life Easier For The Wedding Guests

Planning a wedding is one of the most involved, complex endeavors most of us will ever undertake. From multiple course menus to readings to the music to the bridal party outfits to the venue to the registry, there are many factors to be considered, and many of them are interdependent, one directly impacting the next which in turn alters a third. While a wedding is a wonderful, exciting event, the process preceding it can be anything but magical. That is, if it's not handled with care. There are simply too many variables at play for any aspect to be left to chance.

One of the few factors that the spouses-to-be can take complete control of is how and when they manage outreach to their guests. While you can't always get the venue you want on the day you'd like, and while that band you'd love to hear as the background to your nuptials might already be on tour the weekend you got that venue, at least you can control your guest list and you can facilitate a smooth information sharing process with said guests. Ornate, mailed invitations will still be the gold standard for the wedding Save the Date card and invitation for years to come, but beyond that, the savvy fiancees create a wedding website.

While expending the effort to design and build a wedding website might seem like yet one more block of time consumed by the wedding, your wedding site will actually end up saving you an enormous amount of time and effort. The more information you include on your wedding website, from tips on traveling to and from the various venues to links to your gift registry to the backstory of how you and your partner met, you will be able to direct people to your website for answers and information instead of fielding inquiries via phone, text and email.

Take The Time To Update The Wedding Site

Treat your wedding website as a work in progress right up until this final weeks (or even days) before the marriage takes place. If you find yourself answering the same questions over and over again, add an FAQ section to your site, for example, and direct people to it. If weather threatens to hamper flights in the days before the ceremony, add information about alternative travel options like rail or bus lines, and calm down all those flustered guests (instead of getting flustered yourself by their flurry of questions).

And after the wedding is over, there's nowhere better to share pictures from the wedding day and from the honeymoon and early days of the marriage than on your wedding website. Your friends and family will love having a place they can go to quickly and easily view all those wonderful snapshots and videos, and you and your spouse will love not having to spend the time to individually email or share every photo you have with each and every person who asks to see them.


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