4 Best Logo Design Services | April 2017


A great logo calls to mind the key points about a brand or business; a logo serves as a shortcut to the core of a potential client's thinking, inspiring interest at its mere sight. When you work with a professional logo design service, you get the benefit of that team's artistic abilities as well their practical experience in dealing with the emotions and psychology behind successful logo development. Working with an experienced, thoughtful design team instead of hiring a single artist or even attempting to create a logo on your own helps to ensure that your finished logo will not only look great, but will also resonate with those who see it on a level beyond the aesthetic. After all, a great logo doesn't just command attention, but in fact demands engagement.


Logo First. Profits Second.

The current team behind LogoGarden can be counted on two hands. This is a small, streamlined operation that's a perfect choice for the small business, lone entrepreneur, or boot-strapping nonprofit organization that needs a crisp, attractive, and professional appearance, but that doesn't have much capital to toss around. In fact, when you work with LogoGarden, your initial logo design is absolutely free. That is, until you choose to use it. You can use their services to design and refine a logo that perfectly suits your brand, products, or mission at no cost whatsoever, and you'll only have to pay if you choose to use the logo you design. Along the way, their myriad samples, pointers, and small but involved team of design professionals will help ensure the logo you're creating is one to which your customers or audience will respond favorably.


Crowd Source Your Way To Logo Perfection

99designs takes a decidedly unique approach to their logo generation process. Rather than teaming you up with an in-house design professional, they shop your project out to a network of tens of thousands of potential graphic designers. But don't worry, this is outsourcing done right: only the designer whose work you ultimately choose will get paid the "prize," as 99designs calls it, so everyone who chooses to work on your project is incentivized to do their best. You create a design brief that helps teach designers about your brand and your hopes and needs from a logo, then you can sit back and see what the company's global network of designers comes up with. Send notes and feedback to anyone who almost nailed it, and then, once you are satisfied with one of the logos created just for you, select it and be on your way. (You can always choose to work with a designer from the get-go should you already have someone in mind or if you just prefer a closer partnership, for the record.)


Your Perfect Logo Is Just Days Away

The Logo Company is all about efficiency and professionalism. If you need a crisp, striking logo for your business, band, nonprofit, or even for a governmental agency or program, they are more than capable of creating one for you, and in most cases, they can get it done in about a week's time. That efficiency and their successful designs are the product of a refined process that kicks into high gear the moment you get in touch. The Logo Company first asks its clients to complete a proprietary questionnaire that helps them learn about the client's needs and helps them select their best in-house team. They assign five designers to the project, and this team submits five initial designs to the customer within three working days. You can ask for as many redraws as you need until you're totally satisfied with one of their logos. Then they'll add any needed finishing touches and deliver your finished logo to you in multiple different file formats.


A Team Process All the Way

Whereas some logo design services start out with a huge team of designers using a "throw it against the wall and see what sticks" approach, at Deluxe the logo design process is decidedly more personal. You work hand-in-hand with the same team from the start of the process to the moment you receive your completed logo, which you'll get in no fewer than 11 file formats, by the way. From the initial conversation to the creative brief process to brainstorming sessions to drafts to revisions of your final design, you can be as involved in the process as you want. The transparency and partnership approach Deluxe takes is not only refreshing but also empowering: the collegial environment they foster makes it easier for a client to give honest, open feedback, and ultimately leads to a logo that's sure to satisfy.


Logo Design Services: In-Depth

Your Brand At a Glance: Choosing Your Logo

If you don't offer decent products and services, you are probably not going to have a successful business. On the contrary, even if you offer wonderful products and/or services yet you market them poorly, the inherent quality of your offerings won't much matter, because no one will be paying attention.

When you think of world famous brands with instantly recognizable, iconic logos, you are thinking about products or services that enjoy an ostensible seal of approval of their own making. Without the iconic logo, they might still offer the same things, but chances are good that most customers would be spending their money with some other company that was better branded.

Your small business branding (or your theater troupe's logo or the design you choose for your nonprofit's stationary) isn't going to transform you into an overnight success; that's still your job. But a great logo can serve you much like a great resume works for a job applicant. The resume gets the job seeker in the door where they can sell themselves; the logo catches the attention of a prospective client, and then the quality of your offerings can take over.

Why Work With a Professional Logo Design Service?

Yes, this is an overstatement, but you wouldn't ask an accountant to do heart surgery, you'd ask a surgeon. So why not ask a team comprised of experienced, skilled designers to help you create a custom logo? If you answer is cost, then you're approaching this process in the wrong way. First, because professional logo design is actually not all that expensive. You'll likely get a great, customized logo of which you will own the copyright for a couple hundred bucks at most. And second, because you can't afford to launch with a bad logo. Like first impressions in person, a bad logo leaves its mark on would-be clintele just the same as a good one garners interest.

Once you have established your logo enough for it to immediately call to mind your brand, it will be worth every penny you paid to have it created. There is a great comfort derived from a trusted logo, and there's as much art as science to creating them. So leave it to the professionals; just make sure to consider a few things going in:

  • Simple Is Better

In most cases, you want an logo that is two dimensional, i.e. that would be as recognizable in a backlit cutout as it would on a glowing computer screen

  • Limit The Colors

A logo with too many colors gets busy and messy no matter how good its base design may be. Try to keep it to a couple colors, or even just one

  • Logical Or Lovely

Your logo does not have to reflect your offerings (a tree for a landscaper, e.g.) but that often helps; what is must do, though, is not be confusing (a tree for a scuba diving company, e.g.). A logo that's simply a pattern, print, or an image is fine, as long as it either informs or at least does not mislead.


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