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Are you tired of trying to navigate the murky waters of business licenses and brand trademarking? Your brand is what customers use to identify your business. It is your first impression on potential customers, and you want to make sure that it leaves them feeling excited about your products or services. That is why brand trademarking is so important. Whatever words or designs you choose should properly represent your company and be protected by effective trademarking services. The right trademark will make it simple for the right customers to find you. It will be an asset to your business and will help you legitimize your brand and protect your interests.


Step By Step Trademarking

Trademark Express offers trademarking services that are designed to protect your business. Their website provides a wealth of information, and their customer service representatives are readily available to answer all of your questions. Trademark Express uses a detailed, step by step process that ensures your brand trademark is properly filed. They begin with checking your chosen business name with USPTO. If no conflicts are found, they run a check with all pending trademarks on the state and federal levels. They top it off with a US Common Law search to make sure there are no trade restrictions that would prevent you from trademarking your chosen brand. If you pass all of these checks with no issue, your application will be filed. While Trademark Express is thorough and provides a wealth of information, some users have complained that their website takes time to learn how to use.


Protecting Your Trademark

Trademark Plus will help you protect your chosen brand trademark with comprehensive services and professional legal documents. Their website is easy to navigate, and they offer an expedited service that gets your trademark application processed in 24 hours if you pay an additional fee. You could choose to conduct the trademark search yourself, or you could pay Trademark Plus to go beyond the basic search and ensure that your trademark is one hundred percent legitimate. They are cheaper than paying an attorney for trademarking services. While they cannot provide legal advice, they are familiar with processing the necessary legal documents. Trademark Plus is not a BBB accredited business, and but feedback from real-life users is strong.


Get Your Trademark And Learn Along The Way

My Corporation goes to great lengths to ensure that your brand trademark is unique. They take the stress out of the trademark application process so you can focus on running your business and letting your brand work for you. My Corporation is a comprehensive service that focuses on more than just trademarking. Because they are so experienced with helping entrepreneurs across the globe with everything business-related, their trademarking service is a quick and easy process. While they offer a host of services, their website is simple to navigate so you can find exactly what you need within seconds. Their trademarking services are affordable, and they streamline the process so you have extra peace of mind along the way. My Corporation has been in business since 1999 and received an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. They offer several trademarking packages, and when you’re done, you can take advantage of their Small Business Learning Resource Center.


Three Steps To Success

If you are new to business but have your brand ready to launch, Legalzoom is the trademark service for you. They are affordable and offer more than trademarking services. They utilize a simple three-step process that will take the guesswork out of brand trademarking. To begin with, you will spend about fifteen minutes filling out a questionnaire that outlines your business and brand. Next, Legalzoom takes your information and runs with it. They perform a comprehensive, thorough search with the USPTO and federal and state databases to make sure that trademarking your chosen brand is possible and that you won’t hit any snags with trade restrictions. Once that is done and you have passed with flying colors, they will file all of the necessary legal documents with the USPTO. All you have to do is wait to be notified of your approval. Legalzoom will save you thousands in legal fees, and their customer service is outstanding.


Trademarking Brands: In-Depth

Trademark, Patent, or Copyright?

The number one difference between a trademark and a patent or copyright is that a trademark is for life. Patents and copyrights expire after a certain period leaving the product or service fair game for the rest of the business world. Once you have conducted the proper research and filed the appropriate paperwork, your trademark is yours until the end of your life and sometimes beyond. For instance, the Nike trademark belongs to Nike and no one else. While others might be permitted to mimic the Nike products after a patent or copyright expires, they will never be permitted to mimic or steal the trademark check sign.

Technically, the term “trademark” refers to a product-based company brand. If you are a service-based company, the proper term is “service mark.” However, in the general sense, “trademark” can refer to both. It is possible to receive a common law trademark without having to go through the rigorous trademarking process. However, you can avoid a lot of problems if you have federally registered your trademark with the USPTO in the event that someone tries to claim your brand is their own.

Brand trademarking services search the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and state and federal databases to ensure that your brand and business name have not already been taken and trademarked by another business. They go beyond the basic search that anyone can do and thoroughly search all available files, including trademarks pending official approval.

Brand trademarking services will do all of the hard work for you. They will communicate with you and ensure that your chosen business and name are workable and capable of being officially trademarked. Once a thorough search has been completed, they will file the appropriate legal paperwork and advocate for your trademark approval.

Three Things To Consider

Choosing the right brand trademarking service isn’t always as easy as a quick Internet search and hire. You need to consider the services in detail before settling on the right one.

  • Consider your budget.

How much are you willing to spend on having your brand officially trademarked? Sure, a trademark attorney would be helpful, but that can cost you thousands of unnecessary dollars. You could choose to file the paperwork yourself, but a few small mistakes will cost you wasted time and possibly your chosen brand. A brand trademarking service is your best bet for saving money and time. Take your time, and do your research to find a trademarking service to fit within your designated budget.

  • Choose a service with top reviews and experience.

Your service will preferably be accredited by the Better Business Bureau (but this is not a hard and fast rule). If they have a proven record of satisfied customers and several years of experience in the world of legal trademarking, you are likely in good hands.

  • Choose a service that will communicate with you.

This is a good time to call around and talk to various customer service agents working for these businesses. If you feel like you’re being rushed and the agent isn’t interested in answering your detailed questions, they aren't for you. This is an intricate process, and you want someone who will give your application the attention that it deserves.

When Did Businesses Start Using Trademarks?

It is widely believed that blacksmiths in the Roman Empire who produced swords for the Roman army were the first to use a trademark to identify their work. The German brand, Lowenbrau, is owned by Anheuser-Bush and claims ownership of the trademark since 1383. The Parliament of England passed the first trademark legislation in 1266. This legislation required all bakers to use their own distinctive marks on their bread when they sold it.

Modern day trademarking practices did not begin to take effect until the nineteenth century. In 1857, France passed the “Manufacture and Goods Mark Act” It covered a wide range of trademarking issues and was broadly defined. In 1862, Britain established the Merchandise Marks Act making it illegal for businesses or private citizens to copy another business’ trademark.

Britain enabled trademark registration for the first time ever in 1875 by passing the Trade Marks Registration Act. Bringing up the rear was the United States in an attempt to pass a national trademark act in 1870. Unfortunately, this attempt was thwarted, and the U.S. government did not officially establish federal trademark laws until 1881. In 1938, the United Kingdom passed the first registration system under the Trade Marks Act. In 1946, the Lanham Act was passed in the United States, and with some revisions, continues to serve as the basis for all federal trademarks.

Please note

Whilst every effort is made to ensure that the information provided on this website is accurate at the time of writing, the information provided is for general guidance only and is not a substitute for professional legal advice. Always consult a qualified Intellectual Property lawyer operating in your local jurisdiction.


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